Getting Motivated


Are You Motivated?

Motivation seems to be a roller coaster for me. For sometimes a day, a week or two, or even months I have a burst of motivation. All I want to do is be productive in my free time. Then the slump comes around and I can't bring myself to do anything besides eat pizza and watch Netflix. These times are tough, I feel useless and like a waste of space.

I am fortunate enough to be in a work place where I am around peers who are able to help pick me up during the slumps. I have also had the privilege of being sent to an annual conference this past week. The conference took place in the Wisconsin Dells, and was called THAT Conference. If you're a software developer or have any interest in it, I'd suggest checking this event out, it was one of the most motivating 3 days of my life. I was surrounded by ~1500 other geeks that share my passion. If you ever get a chance to put yourself in that situation - DO IT!

If you're not in a situation like mine, there are other great ways to stay motivated and self confident. Regardless of your field, continue to learn about it. Read books, watch videos or online tutorials, whatever your favorite medium is. This will keep you feeling good and productive. You won't want to just bum around in your underwear all day on Sunday ordering delivery and wasting the day away (this is still sometimes a fun way to recharge for the next week, but not great if it's how you always feel).

Each time I start to read a new book, learn a new technology, or continue knowledge on one I already know I start to feel so much better every day. I blast the radio in my car on my way home, and sing along with it because I feel fantastic. I am happier at home, my conversations with my girlfriend are more effective and everyone around me is happier. This aura of motivation is contagious, and people love it. I had a coworker just yesterday say these words after talking to him about how excited I was about the conference I just attended, and some side project work:

"You know what, screw it. I'm going to work on that program I have been talking about this weekend. It can't even be that hard"

YES! THAT IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! I love when people like to do things outside of work. In my field of programming, you can make ANYTHING! Why let those skills stay dormant outside of the workplace?! There's so much potential, you just need a bit of motivation. That's what I'm here for right now! Get out there and make something, and share your excitement and love for what you do. Others will enjoy hearing or seeing it, I promise.

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